Manufacturing SMEs becoming ‘Factories of the Future’

  • IMP³ROVE supports manufacturing SMEs within the ADMA TranS4MErs project by preparing them for the ecological, digital, and societal challenges across Europe until 2025.
  • With the expertise of consortium partners from all EU member states, we promote the competitiveness of SMEs in the manufacturing sector through advisory and training services in the field of advanced manufacturing.
  • Download our press release and find out more about the project:

Digital@Utility 2021

What is the status of digital transformation in the energy industry?

  • With the help of Digital@Utility, energy suppliers can determine their level of digitalization, compare themselves with other companies and take concrete measures by identifying the potential for improvement.
  • Together with KearneyBDEW and VSE  and based on data from over 100 energy suppliers, we provide an up-to-date picture and practical case studies from AusNet Services, e.kundenservice Netz, EDP, Gasnetz Hamburg, GEN-I, LWA, Stadtwerke Essen, Stadtwerke München and VNG.
  • Energy suppliers of all sizes from all stages of the value chain from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Asia and Australia took part in Digital@Utility 2021.
  • The importance of a digital transformation for long-term economic success is high on the corporate agenda: more companies are developing new digital business areas and using these as the primary ways to grow sales. The companies in our study say they expect sales of digital products and services to grow more than 10 percent a year for the next three years.
  • Download the the study to find out more about the results:

Crisis-driven innovation

Efficient adaptation in and beyond the crisis

  • The manifold measures taken in our global fight against COVID-19 represent a turning point in recent history and the extent to which these measures affect the ways we live, work and play will likely have lasting effects on our society.
  • At the same time, many firms are confronted with scarce financial resources after tough economic times. Hence, what is needed is a game change plan for efficient adaptation to a ´new normal´.
  • Download the paper and find out more about a game plan for a ‘new normal’.

The benefits of circular economy

Discover the advantages for your company

  • The importance of the circular economy is enormous when you consider our scarcity of resources. 13 tons of materials are processed each year per person.
  • A study demonstrates the benefits for companies that break linear material cycles by using all materials at the end of their life cycle as input for new production cycles: Companies that implement circular economy practices not only protect the environment, but also benefit economically in the long term.
  • Benchmark your company with our Corporate Sustainability Navigator Assessment to learn more about what corporate sustainability is about and to evaluate your sustainability performance that will result in long-term competitiveness.
  • Find more information on how companies can position themselves in a circular economy by following the link to Kearneys’ article “How do you move from laggard to leader in the circular economy?”

Highspeed @ Homeoffice

Experts interviewed by Dr. Nils Dülfer

  • The lockdown caused an unexpected speed in digitization. This fact is also challenging for tele- and network providers.
  • Nils Dülfer spoke about the impact of innovations in this context with Elke Anderl and Stefan Groß, General Managers at Telekom Service (German).


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