The benefits of circular economy

Discover the advantages for your company

  • The importance of the circular economy is enormous when you consider our scarcity of resources. 13 tons of materials are processed each year per person.
  • A study demonstrates the benefits for companies that break linear material cycles by using all materials at the end of their life cycle as input for new production cycles: Companies that implement circular economy practices not only protect the environment, but also benefit economically in the long term.
  • Benchmark your company with our Corporate Sustainability Navigator Assessment to learn more about what corporate sustainability is about and to evaluate your sustainability performance that will result in long-term competitiveness.
  • Find more information on how companies can position themselves in a circular economy by following the link to Kearneys’ article “How do you move from laggard to leader in the circular economy?”

Crisis-driven innovation

Efficient adaptation in and beyond the crisis

  • The manifold measures taken in our global fight against COVID-19 represent a turning point in recent history and the extent to which these measures affect the ways we live, work and play will likely have lasting effects on our society.
  • At the same time, many firms are confronted with scarce financial resources after tough economic times. Hence, what is needed is a game change plan for efficient adaptation to a ´new normal´.
  • Download the paper and find out more about a game plan for a ‘new normal’.


Digitization in the energy industry

  • With the help of Digital@EVU, energy suppliers can determine their level of digitalization, compare themselves with other companies and take concrete measures by identifying the potential for improvement.
  • The central finding of this year’s study is that, from the perspective of companies, digital change is now having a significant impact on social activity and is a central pillar of corporate strategies. 44 percent of the energy suppliers have already developed a digitalization strategy, another 33 percent are still in the process of doing so.
  • This study was developed in partnership with Kearney, BDEW, VSE and Oesterreichs Energie. The generation of individual feedback reports for study participants was supported by SlideFab.
  • Download the file to find out more about the exciting trends and opportunities for the energy industry (German).

Highspeed @ Homeoffice

Experts interviewed by Dr. Nils Dülfer

  • The lockdown caused an unexpected speed in digitization. This fact is also challenging for tele- and network providers.
  • Nils Dülfer spoke about the impact of innovations in this context with Elke Anderl and Stefan Groß, General Managers at Telekom Service (German).


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