Open Innovation

Enhancing innovation management by building strong collaboration networks

The days are counted in which lone entrepreneurs surpass competition by successfully innovating on their own. Nowadays, it is common consensus that value networks of different actors, working together in collaborative approaches of trial and error, outperform loners – innovation champions orchestrate innovation processes beyond the boundaries of their own firm. Enhancing companies’ innovation management through integration into strong value networks is at the core of our training course on “Open Innovation”. In the two-day course you will be introduced to a six-step process to drive open innovation along all phases of the innovation life cycle.

By participating in this course you will learn how to set the right targets for collaborative innovation, plan and prepare the joint activities and operate winning partnerships. Along the phases of our six-step approach for innovation in value networks, we will equip you with helpful tools and techniques, inspire you with success stories and strengthen your confidence in applying the new learnings through interactive breakout sessions. Furthermore, our international workshop formats are a great opportunity to enrich your individual value network by getting in contact with international innovation enthusiasts.

What will the programme look like?

This highly interactive training course covers:

  • 6 phases of innovation in value networks in theory and practice:
    • Mapping innovation value networks – How is the network structured, which control points and innovation opportunities are there? Which opportunities should form focus areas for innovation?
    • Identify options how to address innovation focus areas – innovate yourself, team-up, or buy?
    • Identifying the right partners – which type of partners can help you to drive innovation, per focus area and innovation process step?
    • Designing value propositions to attract “dream team” partners – how to design value propositions for innovation partners?
    • Reaching out, selecting innovation partners, and collaborating – how to reach out for partners, how to develop partnerships?
    • Measuring results of innovation in value networks – how to track efforts and successes of innovation in value networks?
  • Drafting IMP³ROVE Innovation in Value Network-Playbooks drawing from our method library
  • Best practice examples building on insights from more than 10 years of work in innovation management and our work as knowledge partner of the World Economic Forum

Who can take part in this course?

“Open Innovation” is suitable for everyone who wants to extend their innovation management capabilities. So far, we have welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia.

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