Introduction to Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management and Tools

Supporting your clients in leveraging sustainability for innovation

Sustainability is being spoken about ever more by policy makers, organisations and consumers. But the topic is often shrouded in a lack of clarity and misconceptions are rife, for example that pursuing the aim of sustainability is necessarily challenging and costly. We believe that sustainability should not be feared, but that it presents companies with a unique driver for innovation.

In this course we will jointly develop a common language about sustainability and, using ample real case examples, consider what it means for the European economy and for European companies. We will examine how you can best support your clients in leveraging sustainability for innovation to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded marketplace. In very hands-on interactive sessions, you will have the chance to apply tools and frameworks to assess a company’s capabilities and develop recommendations accordingly.

What will the programme look like?

This training course encompasses a mix of content presentations, discussions and very interactive break-out sessions, in which participants will apply the contents to specific cases.

In particular, this highly interactive training course covers (selected key questions):

  • Developing a common language on sustainability – examining international frameworks and standards on the topic
  • Considering how sustainability can be leveraged for innovation – reflecting on sustainability as a unique driver for innovation
  • Using the IMP³ROVE Sustainability tools to assess a company’s capabilities – applying tools on case examples to become familiar with assessing and benchmarking your client’s capabilities
  • Leveraging frameworks to develop concrete recommendations – using IMP³ROVE frameworks and approaches to develop an action plan for companies to improve their sustainability management

Who can take part in this course?

The training course is suitable for anyone seeking to develop or enhance skills in supporting companies to leverage sustainability. Ideally, participants have a foundational understanding of innovation management, but experience with IMP³ROVE tools and frameworks is not a prerequisite.

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