Digital Action Plan Development

Enhancing the quality of your feedback analysis

“ingredients”: a digital innovation strategy, a digital business model (or a business model enhanced by digital elements), digital processes, a digital ecosystem and culture, and enabling factors for digital innovation such as financing. Based on the IMP³ROVE Digital Innovation Quotient (DIQ) Report, this two-day course introduces a structured and effective way of developing a digital action plan with clear priorities, avoiding common pitfalls and tailored to specific needs and expectations.

In this course you will learn to exemplify the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s digitalization status quo and its digital innovation management performance to build a comprehensive and tangible action plan for better competitive positioning. A lively exchange of experiences with other experts during the breakout sessions will allow for a broadened view. We will equip you with helpful tools, techniques, templates and a very hands-on approach, all of which will perfectly prepare you for your next steps and allow for a deeper interpretation of the Benchmarking Report.

What will the programme look like?

This particular training course is heavily based on the IMP³ROVE Digital Innovation Quotient Benchmarking Report, unraveling the company’s digital strengths and weaknesses in different dimensions and therefore serves to break the boundaries of theoretical knowledge and venture into the real-life issues at hand. Once they have successfully completed the training course, participants will feel confident and perfectly prepared for further supporting clients with regards to current and future digital opportunities and/ or challenges.

This highly interactive course covers:

  • Presentation of participants’ analyses of IMP³ROVE DIQ Benchmarking Report– Discussing hypotheses and report data
  • Structured problem-solving for effective digital action plan development – Engaging in overriding questions, identifying different issues leading to structured hypotheses
  • Structuring findings – how to align the findings in a comprehensive and powerful manner for further presentation and how to develop a digital action plan?
  • Developing a presentation – how to design a compelling presentation using feedback templates?

Who can take part in this course?

This training course is suitable for any participant seeking to develop action plans to enhance innovation management as the basis for sustainable and profitable business growth. So far, we welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policymakers and academia.

As this particular training course is heavily built around the IMP³ROVE Benchmarking Report, it is designed for participants who have successfully completed the “Introduction to the IMP³ROVE Approach” or the “Introduction to the Digital Innovation Quotient” or the “Introduction to Sustainability-Driven Innovation Management and Tools” training course, followed by at least one completed assisted assessment on the IMP³ROVE platform.

However, participants not familiar with IMP³ROVE assessments are invited to join and to benefit from the methodology for their innovation management advisory services.

Participants are expected to bring the innovation management assessment report of one of their clients they have assisted in completing the assessment.


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