Introduction to the IMP³ROVE Approach

Leverage the IMP³ROVE Assessment to enhance your innovation management

Competition and benchmarking are key drivers for improvement in every aspect of our daily lives, but even more so when it comes to companies’ performances. Companies strive to be better, faster and more innovative than their competitors. But how do they know the state of their performance at this very moment, which areas to work on and most importantly, how they do when compared to the fiercest of competitions in their respective field? IMP³ROVE has thoroughly developed the online IMP³ROVE Assessment tool, following the European Innovation management standards to find answers to these questions and thousands of companies have benefitted from this tool thus far. The IMP³ROVE Assessment tool offers a highly detailed overview of different performance areas built on a holistic approach, therefore leaving no stone unturned. This tool leads you through a strategic questionnaire to assess your company’s performance, culminating in a benchmarking report, which will answer the crucial questions mentioned above, resulting in a value-adding and strongly effective experience.

In this two-day training course you will be introduced to the holistic approach of the IMP³ROVE Assessment and guided through the different fields of the “House of Innovation”. As practice makes perfect, we will also include some real-life cases to help get you started and you will be able to experience this tool yourself in class. We will also give you helpful tips, tricks and templates to support you in your upcoming feedback workshop with your clients. Applying our IMP³ROVE Assessment tool with your clients will give you a kick-start over your competitors and you will be able to deliver accurate and efficient data to further strengthen their innovation management.

What will the programme look like?

In this training course you will take on the role of a company and walk through the IMP³ROVE Assessment tool yourself. You will work in groups and be supplied with real-life cases to help you fulfill your role to the best of your abilities and prepare you for your future feedback workshop.

This highly interactive training course covers:

  • The holistic approach to innovation management
  • The IMP³ROVE Process
  • Hands-on IMP³ROVE Assessment simulation
  • IMP³ROVE Feedback Workshop preparation
  • How to get started with IMP³ROVE

Who can take part in this course?

“Introduction to the IMP³ROVE Approach” is suitable for everyone who wants to extend her/his innovation management capabilities. So far, we welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia.

The training course does not have pre-requisites, however, to get most out of this training it is advised to have an understanding of the key dimensions of innovation management.

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