Introduction to the Digital Innovation Quotient

Foster digital innovation management

The digital world is growing faster and faster by the minute. We can hardly keep up with the new digital inventions that are being released everyday. This makes it that much more important to keep track of digitization and adapt to this fast growing industry. Companies that are not able to do that will ultimately fall behind, missing out on countless promising growth opportunities. While digital innovation has been growing significantly over the last few years, companies find it difficult to effectively exploit this massive potential. IMP³ROVE has realized this potential and developed a holistic online tool, the “Digital Innovation Quotient” assessment, which measures your company’s digital innovation performance and thus helps you to not only follow this digital trend, but become a follower yourself.

This tool guides you through a structured questionnaire and covers various crucial areas to assess the current state of your digital innovation, based on a constantly growing database worldwide. Furthermore, the resulting Assessment Report will suggest the areas for improvement and help you target specific needs. Compare yourself to the leading companies in your industry and see how they implement digital innovation.

In this two-day training course you will be introduced to the holistic approach of the Digital Innovation Quotient and how to apply it to your company’s needs. Join in on lively discussions with fellow experts and see how well they adapt to digitalization in this day and age. This course will also educate you on the vast potentials of digital innovation and how to integrate this tool into your service portfolio, which will give you an edge over your fellow competitors who are still struggling to keep up with digitalization.

What will the programme look like?

In this training course you will take on the role of a company and walk through the Digital Innovation Quotient yourself. You will work in groups, exchange ideas, experiences and work together on digital use cases to see the benefits yourself.

This highly interactive training course covers:

  • The holistic approach to digital innovation
  • Hands-on Digital Innovation Quotient simulation
  • Analyzing the report
  • Integration of the Digital Innovation Quotient in the service portfolio

Who can take part in this course?

“Introduction to the Digital Innovation Quotient” is suitable for everyone who wants to extend her/his innovation management capabilities and has a high affinity for digitalization. So far, we welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia.

The training course does not have pre-requisites, however, to get most out of this training it is advised to have an understanding of the key dimensions of innovation management.

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