Innovation Strategy Development

Navigate your organisation through troubled waters to sustainable growth

What is a yacht with an excellent captain, but without a compass? You would not enter such a ship. The risk is too high that it will not win the race or even worse, that it will crash. The same applies for companies. If the leadership does not have a clear direction and no vision of what the company’s destination is, and how they will get there, they will lag behind in an increasing competition. Leading companies of any size have a clearly-defined innovation strategy set in place that defines how innovation contributes to reaching their goals.

With a proven 10-step approach you will learn how to use your compass to set the direction and how to prepare the organisation to win the race. Benefit from a thought-provoking environment, exchange experiences, tips and tricks as well as concerns and drawbacks with other experts.

What will the programme look like?

This highly interactive training course combines theory and practical application and covers the following content:

  • Definitions related to innovation and innovation strategy development
  • Elements of innovation strategy development
    • Definition of search fields
    • Customer Value analysis
    • Competitor and Technology Watch
    • Competence Assessment
  • Roadmap for developing an innovation strategy
  • First steps in developing your company’s innovation strategy

Who can take part in this course?

“Innovation Strategy Development” is suitable for anyone who is seeking to develop or enhance competencies in systematically developing the company’s innovation strategy.

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