Innovation Life Cycle Management Process

Learning the tools to optimize innovation life
cycle processes

This course helps in the clear understanding of elements and success factors of innovation life cycle processes. It familiarizes you with the tools to optimize innovation life cycle processes by facilitating the learning and testing of such tools. 

What will the programme look like?

The course contents include:

Excel with innovation life cycle management
• Mapping the innovation life cycle and defining success factors for life cycle management
• Developing strategic focus areas for process activities using the process strategy chessboard
• Baseline current idea management with the help of an idea wheel
• Fostering idea creation and selection by using different idea management techniques
• Turning ideas into new/better offerings by optimizing development processes
• Learning how to decide when to phase out offerings
• Enhance and control processes by developing enabling factors and utilizing software

Who can take part in this course?

This training course is suitable for any participant seeking to develop or enhance innovation life cycle processes. We recommend the basic training course “Introduction to Innovation Management” which provides an overview on the key dimensions of innovation management before participating in this training course that puts particular emphasis on innovation life cycle management.

This course will be particularly beneficial for Innovation Management consultants, cluster managers, intermediaries supporting SMEs in developing their Innovation Management capabilities.