Business Model Innovation

Shaping businesses in ever more dynamic market environments

Ever more dynamic market environments force companies to rethink their business models. Technological disruption, new customer demand and global, fast-growing competition offer opportunities and threats for companies across industries. Hence, firms should routinely evaluate these external forces, monitor relevant life-cycle curves and employ ways to develop and implement new business models.

By participating in this course, you will learn more about the key drivers of business model innovation and how you can incorporate this understanding into your business. With our interactive approach, we will guide you through the process of preparing for effective projects on business model innovation and supporting organisations to develop and implement their models. Furthermore, our international workshop formats are a great opportunity to enrich your individual value network by getting in contact with a breadth of innovation enthusiasts from all over the world.

What will the programme look like?

This training courses encompasses explanatory sessions based on well-proven frameworks and methodologies, interactive break-out sessions in which the contents are applied to specific cases and a number of best practice examples from leading innovators in different industries.

In particular, this highly interactive training course covers:

  • Understanding business model innovation– What is a business model innovation? What is its true importance to create value? What are the implications of innovative changes in a business model?
  • Preparing for business model innovation projects – How to prepare for effective projects on business model innovation?
  • Helping companies develop an innovation business model – How to support companies in identifying opportunities for change?
  • Implementing the business model innovation – Identifying how to support companies in managing the risks associated with executing a business model innovation plan?
  • Monitoring progress and impact of the business model innovation – How to assist companies in monitoring the business impact of the business model innovation? What approaches are there to enhance the impact of the business model innovation?
  • Best practice examples building on insights from more than 10 years of work in innovation management and our work as knowledge partner of the World Economic Forum

Who can take part in this course?

“Business Model Innovation” is suitable for everyone who wants to extend her/his innovation management capabilities. So far, we welcomed (innovation) managers, consultants, intermediaries who support companies in developing their innovation management capabilities, as well as policy makers and academia.

The training course does not have pre-requisites, however, to get most out of this training it is advised to have an understanding of the key dimensions of innovation management. For that reason, we recommend the basic training course Introduction to Innovation Management.


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